Welcome Shop Truck

Our beginning – My name is Ed Hall and we started this company in June of 2008.  My RV needed an alignment, a diesel engine checkout and oil service and I had no place to work on it myself.  I went to a shop that I had seen, only to find that it had closed 4 months before.  I called my wife Sandy, who said, “if you can’t find a good shop, maybe you should open one”.   On that busy day, the idea was created, a lease was arranged with the landlord, a list of required equipment was started, and a search started for the best staff possible.   Within a week IMPERIAL was a brand new business.  We carefully staffed with highly experienced people dedicated to providing quality service.   Very soon we changed the name to IMPERIAL TRUCK AND RV service to focus the name on what we do.

The goal was to establish a business that provides consistently good service at good rates.  To do this requires three things:

  1. A Great Staff – it takes the best staff to look after the details, continuously trained and well experienced.
  2. Good Customers-  our partners in the care of their vehicle. We expect to earn their repeat business by treating them very well, consistently.
  3. Great Vendors- we have developed a long list of suppliers which enables us to shop parts for the best value and price for each job.  This value and savings we pass along to you.